From the Desk of Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Founder Temples of Satan
Is it over yet?
As Theistic Satanist’s we must band together and stand against child abuse, sexual offenders, and the “ilk” that support these individuals we have seen people come forward speak for these individuals and the activities they participate in, we have seen people exposed for who they really are and what they support.
This cause led by Robert Fraize and myself has set the entire “Occult Community” ablaze and while we both have faced attack after attack and video response after video “spin” all trying to cover for individuals who have either committed such vile acts or who have been involved or who are sympathizers.
We have uncovered the following in our campaign to provide a safe and secure environment for those of us, who participate in off-line activities, this is not about people being terrible people or starting groups or organizations this is for our children:
1. We found sex offenders illegally using the internet to procure victims of plots to force sex on unknowing victims.
2. We found several deviants who like child pornography.
3. We found several relationships that involved sex offenders and sexual deviants.
4. We had several people openly admit to criminal level insanity and endangerment of others including endangerment of a toddler.
5. We found several groups claiming 501 3 C status set up to “bilk” unsuspecting victims for funds to promote sex offenders.
We also had several people join the cause in an attempt to circumvent these allegations and discoveries where the law enforcement officials would not venture, due to a general lack of interest in internet criminals.
We filed where appropriate and some people today are facing criminal investigations and possibly criminal prosecution.
It was never our intent to attack individuals, or offer up anything false, we have provided a certain level of information all claims to proof had to be handled carefully as we were assembling many things to submit to law enforcement.
Robert Fraize and myself while not being officers of any jurisdictions we felt it was important to expose the truth and perhaps that Theistic Satanism would become a safe place, since so many in our path do meet off-line.

The Internet Satanist’s went “nuts” accusing us of slander, reporting us to officials, and all the time we were fully aware of the dangers, we pushed back as Allison Jones also known as Sin Jones a devout Atheist attacked and slandered Robert and myself and anyone affiliated.
But we remain to this day vigilant and have bravely stood up for those in Theistic Satanism, unlike those from the past like Diane Vera who tried to explain that sex offenders in Satanism are fine with her and this echoed amongst those who affiliated themselves to these certain groups.

One such group with affiliations to N.A.M.B.L.A. The Temples of Satan of New Aeon ran by Allison Jones and Ron French was at the crux of this fight, there were no winners as we making the small Community safer railed against this supportive group which still has intentions to take over or dictate freedom of sexuality to those of us in Theistic Satanism.

Both Robert and myself along with a coalition of several hundred have decided we desire a safe place for our children and while some accusations remain unproven, we continue to reveal the truth about this group and its many “faceless” and “nameless” screen names created to attack us and our forces which are committed to the safety of those around us.
What this Temples of Satan New Aeon (which ripped off the name of The Temples of Satan) and has been dragging the I.R.S. Compliant Church through the mud with their heinous behaviors and mannerisms which have proven almost Christian has been doing is creating videos after video and we have been reporting the videos and had some success, but they are creating many videos bashing us.

We have been responding but sinking to levels of slander as they have is not something most Theistic Satanist’s would partake in and we find ourselves at a fork in the road, with our success we have begun to attract many people and this also have been alerting those who are seeking to cover up for sexual offenses as people have banded together almost making it “Sex Offenders verses Mothers and Fathers”.

Real Theistic Satanist’s would never hurt children, rape people because we would realize that the deity has no place in his kingdom for people with such heinous behaviors, while Christianity thinks repentance is some kind of way to arrive, no ancient civilizations accepted these bad behaviors except for Islam or early Judaism but in the case of Judaism it was eventual a crime with a death punishment.

The choice is clear be part of frauds or phonies or be part of a religion and movement within that makes you safe, and allows your personal growth.


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