Critics suspected of fabrication of Face Book Screen Shots.
Slanderous Postings and Commentary.
From Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Founder of the Temples of Satan Is one such source, investigating the placement and overall size and continuity of screen shots we have found many of the Allison Jones postings were created by several of the programs listed on this site.
We warn people of these tactics as this group centered around and and we warn people not to believe the postings I personally have seen false screen shots of both Robert Fraize and myself, and with a staff of full-time unemployed and on social services people posting people should avoid these viruses.
In Conclusion:
This group the is founded with those who are supporting atheism and child molestation and child pornography and when we exposed them they began the creation of false screen-shots.
We have reported all these criminals and associates to appropriate agencies and monitoring groups, so we suspect all of this slander and deceit to end in the near future.
I want to thank each and every person who has remained vigilant in combating these “hate attacks” and please watch who you ad on Face Book especially if they start emailing these false screen-shots or refer you any of the above sites.
Thank You

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