The Temples of Satan Response from Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik
founder Temples of Satan 2000.
Recent Events.

The Temples of Satan while unable to speak for the Church of Leviathan stands with the Clergy and supports its founder Robert Fraize, through this apparent attack by the Temples of Satan New Aeon which was founded as a front for Sexual Deviants and Criminal Enterprises.
Information of the Criminal Organization is at
And its affiliate
The founder of this misleading organization has been involved in sexual encounters with underage women and in his own words has almost killed his own toddler daughter which he currently is denying is his to avoid support payments.
Another Florida based affiliate group is advocating sexual deviance by proclaiming it and carrying on a sham, of coexistence while acting as Non 501 3 C Non Profit and asking for donations not to fund the Church activities (which could be reported as 1099 income) but to fund actions which could include support for organizations that advocate for sexual abuse, but even more heinous activities certain civil actions prevent us from speaking about.
We ask that you avoid such groups and organization as they are not as they seem, which often is something which occurs on the Worldwide Web.

We as a Church stand for those of our religion, we only desire that our religion grows safely and despite negative media “spin” is a safe environment, however there are people who have also began a smear campaign as Social Media Friends:
Allison Jones (also known by law enforcement as) Sin Jones.
This woman has created slanderous documents and is expected to create a further firestorm of documentations created by Face Book screen shot programs and altering and altering pictures and other documentation to smear our perspective Churches to call attention to their Organizations and to attempt to recruit those who are new to the religions represented.

Agree of disagree with Theistic Satanism we as Churches do not need people going around harming our women and children, slandering religion leaders like Robert Fraize or Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik and others within our churches.
As they attempt this with us, it is suspected they will attempt to cause chaos in other religions and sects as they have so far attacked the following enterprises, several churches, a internet broadcaster, several ranking clergy, several design businesses and several artists and computer programmers, we as a religious community need to stand up from one another sometimes and we stand by those who have suffered because of these people.

More Drama and Slander
Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Founder

Below you will find a concise conversation as copied from the slanderous web site a site designed for smear of both Robert Fraize and myself.

Robert Fraize response:
“to clear things Up on this issue Gino again allegedly by the accounts of neighbors is chasing after 14 year old girls and it is very evident to myself and anyone else who has viewed his personal profile he does enjoy looking at teenage girls although the photos he posts are of an adult transgender female she is dressed as a teenager
their is a definition for this and it goes along with pedophilia “

[SIN JONES] you have not stated ‘allegedly’ in fact you make it a point to state it as a fact. Hear say based on what source? Gino is on record stating that his neighbors don’t have children, and these claims are you regurgitating the false claims of Tom Blackwood.
( Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik): I can tell you per conversations with neighbors myself, his ex-fiance and his own admission this attempt to hide the truth is something being “spun” to cover-up actions against people that may lead to criminal prosecution.

(Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik)
Gino in his own words made such admissions to me and his ex fiancee statements to me and neighbors have all spoken to me about such criminal behaviors and I can say the allegations are 100% accurate.
Allison Jones is simply attempting to “spin this her way.”
I stand by the people of the neighborhood and his fiancee for their strength through the years of stalking by Gino and his brother, and I can assure you law enforcement are watching these brothers so ensure nothing else occurs.
But recall as I stated earlier Gino is man who has exhibited actions which should warrant his confinement to a mental facility (in my opinion) Florida has been faced with budget cuts as many states and this allows this criminal to walk the streets of Hudson Florida.

(Robert Fraize):
“I Robert fraize have said many times Adam was not a rapist and He is not the first time i read this report that is what i thought it had said and i corrected this
as of this date 7/20/12 Myself Robert Fraize and the col as a whole has no issue with adam or anyone in the church of ahriman .”
“Mr French has been harassing my self robert fraize for months now and my church stalking us and fabricating lots of content “

[SIN JONES] Your recent apology to Adam Daniels having stated it for months on end, has been acknowledged but equally an admission of guilt that you were doing this. You were not just ‘informing’ the public. You were harassing his group, and spreading defamatory content with false allegations. An ‘apology’ does not erase the FACT that you were doing it.

(Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik): People who are Criminals with actual records are inexcusable, I also have chose to not continue to fight with Adam, since he has started a religion that has nothing to do with my own and has exhibited certain actions that are commendable, however the Temples of Satan
the actual Church still remains watching this group for future actions.

“””Heather had said I was a pedophile and implied i was having relations with underage females . I no longer have the proof that she was ingaging in this conversations with teenagers because she had erased that screen name she had been using come to think of it heather has had atleast 10 screen names that I know of that where delleted and yet she continues to lie about my self and the church of leviathan being built on lies where is that proof ?”””
[SIN JONES] In her public video she stated what she actually said vs. what you are stating she said. This video was for the purpose of clearing up the disinformation YOU were spreading about her on various platforms to include the Satanic Security agency. The number of screen names she’s had has also been explained and it is no reason to stalk a person, and create defamatory content.
(Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik): The group located in Oklahoma while ceasing activities cannot change the past of Adams conviction, and despite a spin by Sin Jones also known as Allison Jones they admitted to many heinous activities which some were proven real others false.
As Theistic Satanists we cannot provide acknowledged approval for actions but we can choose to end a campaign against a NON-Theistic Church.

(Robert Fraize:)
“Allison (SIN) jones is the puppet master of this whole thing she was a great friend of myself and others in the church of leviathan untill i decided not to fight with tom anymore after she was the one who said hey give tom a call .
Her acts of spinning and manipulating social media to believe her bullshit are the same acts hitler used “if you control the media you control the people “

[SIN JONES] This is your opinion. The contrary has been recorded for months on various blogs, podcasts, etc. which is free public content. People are not being ‘duped’ into listening to it, for any diabolical plan you purport. That is your delusion and paranoia. You are also LYING about my statement to you go ‘give him a call’, prove this in any manner. My blog post has always reflected our discussions and cease fire. No where did I ‘declare a truce’, those are YOUR words. I had nothing at all to do with YOU calling Tom Blackwood. You did that on your own accord. Perhaps this ‘control the media’ jargon is just a projection of what you believe to be true. In fact, YOU are trying to control the facts and the information, this is the reason why you create these groups on facebook. Many of which are closed and secret, the public group Satanic Security Agency is for the purpose of SHOWING specific content to the public. YOU provide it. Only MEMBERS can comment on it. Thus, YOU make this blog a necessary extension of the reporting on this issue. If you believe these extortion tactics work with me, you are MISTAKEN.

(Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik): While Allison Jones also known by authorizes as Sin Jones continues to slander and cause chaos with both the Temples of Satan founded in 2000 and the we as Theistic Satanists united are not dupped by her attempt to lie and “duck and cover” for the actions of people who are involved in sexual perversions something that has plagued the Occult for years holding it back to the chagrin of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.
People like Allison (Sin) Jones and her “henchmen” which included hackers, and sex offenders, and people engaged in chasing underage teen girls, also front groups for raising capital for such actions and legal funds all in the name of a discovered “sham” called Coexistence.
Both the Temples of Satan and Church of Leviathan despite these slanderous attacks have experienced growth and continues to pursue legal and civil actions against these individuals and groups engaged in activities which could harm those in the Occult.

We cannot discuss do to ongoing investigations certain aspects of the allegations but can assure the readers we will remain vigilant and win this fight.
(Robert Fraize):
“Blob tard site is used to spin lies and promote sin jones bullshit projects nothing else
and if i am adressed or talked about i have a right to respond if you dont like it dont speak of me it is not that hard alison “
“the church of leviathan demands you cease and desist the production of defamatory content that is both untrue and unfounded on evidence and also satire”
“Take down and not only myself but tom will stop what he is doing Regarding SIN JONES , RON FRNECH , AND GINO, WE HAD both already stoped with the church of ahriman . “

[SIN JONES] The Blobtard site is not spinning lies and IS in fact being used to market this material. Robert and Tom go through great lengths to ensure their defamatory content is spread like wildfire on the web. What they don’t want is anyone demystifying it. This is why they want the site taken down. The press release was regarding Temples of Satan: New Aeon and the Church of Leviathan. If you have additional issues with this site, which is the sole property of SIN JONES, then I suggest to take that up with ME personally. Don’t think for a minute it went unnoticed that you stated “not only myself but tom will stop what he is doing Rgarding SIN JONES , RON FRENCH , AND GINO,…” Yet another bargaining ploy? Please, save it. The purpose of this site is to offer evidence and social commentary about the attacks and smear campaigns in Social Media. Many of which YOU orchestrate yourself. You don’t like my commentary? Don’t read my blog. Want me to stop reporting? Then stop doing it. It’s REALLY easy Robert.

(Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik): Once again Robert Fraize and myself refuse to back down or issue any form of deal and while I personally can see this as an attempt to dissolve a unified front which is exposing much, much more that includes other people tied to this criminal group and the Blobtard “meme” in the future we remain vigilant providing the truth and exposing the criminal elements that are contained within these groups for the betterment of the Occult.
We do not seek to end this without total removal of the slander site, and no division of efforts will occur without removal, we have as a combined effort of those who are Theistic Satanists have exposed Allison Jones falsehoods and remain strong “only complete removal” of the “meme” will end the investigations as we are prepared to invest as required and continue to expose the truth about these individuals, by ending this we will be doing an injustice to all of the Occult.
We will agree to temper certain challenges in civil forums as well but as some are set in motion we can only explain that we legally suggest this site be removed and we will remove any or all actions against it nothing more, nothing less.
No matter the “spin” our offer stands!

Thanks again
“The truth will set you free!”


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