Additions to Temples of Satan New Aeon Information
From Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik: http://www.templesofsatan.com

The recent slanderous comments from Allison (Sin) Jones and her “henchmen” which are causing havoc on Theistic Satanism and people are getting tired of her “ilk” which comprises sex offenders and those who suffer from criminal insanity to sexual predators.
Acting as the “ring leader” her efforts are failing as people who know Robert Fraize and Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik have begun to form together and help them lead the charge to “clean-up” Theistic Satanism.
I myself know we have people who are working hard for our cause and I myself thank each and every one of you personally.

Allison (Sin) Jones because of her instability is acting like a patron saint for the scourges by creating content and slander to cover the inappropriate activities of these individuals.
She has created everything from false screen shots to be involved in hacking corporate web sites.
We as a legitimate churches have been fighting back against these vicious lies and slander which is propagated by the likes of Ronald French, Allison Jones and Gino and several others hiding under screen-names and fake internet profiles, we cannot accept the behaviors both sexual and predatory of any of these individuals but we can let the public do the remaining judgement.

We only can offer the following “olive branch” that if this Temples of Satan New Aeon removes the Blobtard site we will remove all of our properties other than that we are fully prepared to continue exposing these individuals both on and off-line as long as it takes.
But this is only a “quick fix” because we as church can slow or stop any of the legal proceedings that are in motion both court and criminal.

Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik


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