Lets examine Evil!
Grand Magister Blackwood Leader of Theistic Satanism examines the great misconception’s.

I find myself in the same shoes as many people I have spoken with in the past, with twenty five years of dealing with people off-line and on-line I met people from Paganism, Witchcraft and Wicca and even the Pretend along with thousands of Satanist’s both “true to faith” and Modern.

After recent events I felt compelled to smash this myth and expose just how evil is so often used as an insult or criticism for things often misunderstood.
I found myself intertwined in a “circle of ugliness” which formed alliances with friends of a fiancee and also found myself after confiding in them and asking a advice at the “end of a proverbial rope.”

Friends of a woman who I was marry who brandished me evil, slowly began to operate in a way that would eventually destroy our relationship, after I spend a few years of sacrifices and efforts to live with a woman who suffered from addictions and problems, no spell, prayer or ritual could overcome, it fell down all as I walked away feeling as I had attended court during some bizarre Inquisition Trial in the Dark Ages!

Now out of it all I am brandished like a heretic and labeled evil by people who care for my now ex, and all because they labeled me as evil!
I am not whining but relating to people who have approached often with the same stories and I could not always offer any anecdote but a ear to listen, but now motivated with sadness and despair I found myself with a desire to sit down and research the Origins of Evil to discredit people so this cannot happen to me again, nor to the reader.

I suggest if you have saved anything I have ever wrote I suggest this is the article, or post you place in your book and pull out to defend the position of evil, so when you encounter what I call Witch Hunters and those ignorant to history and when friends lies and cause harm to your relationship destroying you like cowards from behind your back this will offer up some resolve.

I can’t say the person I loved gave in to the Witch Hunt but the festering thoughts were nourished with spin I can’t pull out from I can only hope to but sometimes Witch Hunts are successful in taking people and things away from people who bravely call themselves Theistic Satanist’s.

I proclaim I am a Theistic Satanist I am not evil, and I am dedicated to discredit those who are involved in Witch Hunts still to this day.
morally wrong or bad; immoral; wicked: evil deeds; an evil life.
harmful; injurious: evil laws.
characterized or accompanied by misfortune or suffering; unfortunate; disastrous: to be fallen on evil days.

Let us take a journey back in time to ancient Sumeria where the word does not appear in the Sumerian Vocabulary a similar word called defilement however has been found on writings from 2000 B.C. But are there words similar?

From the Roget’s Thesaurus we find defilement:
defilement – the state of being polluted

After twenty five years of investigation I have found not correlation between the two words and so onward we go into our time machine again.
According to the Dictionary of Word Origins by John Ayto, the original meaning of the English word “evil” has changed considerably over the last few hundred years.
Not surprising. It seems theologians have had considerable influence upon shaping words to cause us to see according to their doctrines rather than what is plainly written. Mr. Ayto writes:

“Evil” has gotten distinctly worse over the millenarian. Originally it seems to have signified nothing more sinister than “uppity,” and in the Old and Middle English period it meant simply “bad”; it is only in modern English that its connotations of “extreme moral wickedness” came to the fore.
It probably comes ultimately from “upelo-“, a derivative of the Ind o-European base “upo-, under (source of Greek hupo, under, Sanskrit “upa”, at, to, and English “up” and “over”), and so its underlying connotation is of “exceeding due limits, extremism. Its Germanic descendant was “ubilaz”, source of German übel, evil as well as English evil.”
From a Christian approach:
It seems this finding by John Ayto lines up perfectly with Scriptures. An example of this is found in Ezekiel Chapter 16 verse 49.

When most Christians think of the sin or evil of Sodom, they usually think of the immoral sexual sins of Sodom of which homosexuality would be considered the height of their depravity. Yet this is how the Creator describes Sodom’s condition:
Look, this was the iniquity of your sister Sodom: She and her daughter had pride, fullness of food, and abundance of idleness; neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.
And they were haughty and committed abominations before Me; therefore, I took them away as I saw fit.
This passage seems to line up very nicely with the original meaning of the word “evil.”
If one is to approached the Witch Hunters with this and if the Witch Hunters are Wicca, or Christian this expression of the ideology is fitting.

The modern church generally teaches that the “evil” of Sodom is the height of wickedness and that its fate of destruction by fire is an example of the destruction of the world which has not become a part of the church.
However, the Creator says there is a worse condition of “evil” than that of Sodom’s. Jerusalem is a type and picture of His own people, the “apple of His eye.”
Here is how He describes the condition of His own people, those who certainly would not consider “Sodom” as their own sister. Speaking to His own “chosen” people He says:
Samaria did not commit half of your sins; but you have multiplied your abominations more than they, and have justified your sisters by all the abominations which you have done.
You who judged your sisters bear your own shame also, because the sins which you committed were more abominable than theirs; they are more righteous than you. Yes, be disgraced also, and bear your own shame because you justified your sisters.
When I bring back their captives, the captives of Sodom and her daughters, and the captives of Samaria and her daughters, then I will also bring back the captives of your captivity among them, that you may bear your own shame and be disgraced by all that you did when you comforted them.
When your sister Sodom and her daughters return to their former state, then you and your daughters will return to your former state.
It seems the word “uppity” seems like a good definition for the word “evil.”
It also seems like the “chosen” people are more “uppity” than Sodom and Samaria.
It seems almost blasphemous to think that the wickedness of the Creator’s own people will justify the likes of Sodom and Samaria and that they will be restored to their former state.
That Sodom, in the eyes of God, is a sister to the “chosen” people. It certainly is not a sermon I have ever heard preached in the 200+ churches I have attended.
But then I never heard that Sodom’s primary sin was “uppity-ness,” fullness of food, and abundance of idleness, and not strengthening the hand of the poor and needy.
I have been in many churches that are exhibiting the very sins that are ascribed to Sodom. I have never heard a preacher describe their congregation as “Sisters to Sodom.”
Can you imagine what would happen to all the hot air evangelists spew out if we actually believed the plain Word of God that the “uppity-ness” of God’s own people have “justified” the worst sinners in the world?
Why, it would completely stop all the hot foul wind coming from these “last days revival” messages preached by thousands of “ministries” trying to raise millions of dollars to save a few more before God finally destroys this “uppity” world.
We just might repent of our own “uppity-ness” and let God restore this whole fallen mankind to its former state. We might then find the time to “strengthen the hand of the poor and the needy.”
But people feel free to psychologically acerbate conflict and discord through brandishing people of their choosing or who differ from their views as evil.
But lets examine several reasons why evil is not a good label for religion and why people use it freely to attack those they find creepy of strange because they do not adhere to their spiritual realms or reasoning’s and why they create discourse through such actions.
1. Lets us understand this the worship, practice or belief in a deity does not hinge on good or evil ideologies, all deities can freely decided not by mortal opinion who or what they represent, this comes out in “light verses dark” arguments and is also huge discussion “fire starter.”
2. Deities are greater than mortals, and while some people strive to be like a deity they cannot be ruled or replicated and who can ultimately decided which one is evil or “uppity” as we saw earlier, no one!
3. Deities operate in bathed in energy while negative and positive energy can not be gauged it can be scientifically altered, so if man or woman in science can create or recreate such forces we can only assume the deities can do it better.
4. Being operating in realms beyond our comprehension cannot be labeled by humans despite religious or educational pedigree.
But stepping backwards in the time machine we end up in the region which is known as the birthplace of the Judaism and Christianity, we find a darker definition.

Our first mistake in trying to understand the meaning of “evil” is in thinking of a kind of negative force, rather than a singular entity.
We find some other definitions of the word and lend more information to its origins.
The word evil itself is translated from the Ancient Greek word for an ancient demon spirit ubel, which is equivalent to the the Hebrew name Azazel for the same spirit. In Olde English, the word was spelt yfel and later ivell and evyl.
In the earliest meaning and origin of the name Azazel (evil) is that he was believed to be a demi-God cast down by the gods for his actions against humanity and doomed to wander the Earth never to escape until the end of time. In Biblican stories, this equates to the story of the archangel Michael and the story now associated to the history of The Devil.
However, in esoteric Jewish traditions, Azazel was not the sole evil spirit, but one of seventy-two (72) demons who when they assisted were arch-angels and when they were called to curse others were demons.
Therefore the word evil in its earliest sense, is evil incarnate- the physical manifestation of ill, badness or Azazel. While the original meaning of evil as the title of the supreme bad spirit has been lost, evil retains strong negative meanings, including “bad in a positive sense, morally depraved, doing, or tending to do harm.”

But this does not mean that Satanist’s need to lean towards the ideology that shows evil from Azazel as this deity is based on Judaism not Sumerian in origin and thus ends with Judaism, which despite being relevant to the word and its origin it is not evidence of the use prior to biblical documentation and utterance.
But there is evidence that this force was older but in Babylonia not Sumeria.

Not satisfied in controlling our destiny in life, the minds of these several hundred evil beings represent the arch-demons, the super evil spirits that every single culture of humanity has believed have secretly shaped our world through possession since the very beginning.
But then again this is from a scholar and no evidence has surfaced to the word being used in Cuneiform whatsoever, there are editors who have tainted such evidence to create an atmosphere of evil and brandish the devils and demons to a life of hatred by all religions however something more creepy than the word evil becomes devised during the life of Zoroaster.

Duality of Good vs. Evil:
Zoroastrianism is sometimes misunderstood as a dualistic system. However, it is likely that the original teaching held that both good and evil originate in the one Ahura Mazda
In Zoroastrianism, Good and Evil are not just moral concepts, they are virtual substances, sometimes even personified
Spenta Mainyu (goodness) and Angra (“angry”) Mainyu (evil) are both “subdivisions” or creations of God
So it is not God vs. Satan but two lesser powers in battle against each other.
In the end, good will win out over evil
Micro- macro- cosmic parallel: this world and history is the battlefield between the powers of good and evil with the final battle culminating in the Final Judgment. What happens in this world influences what happens on a cosmic scale.
However this being understood it is again the Witch Hunters pointed fingers at those they fail to understand, and moreover Zoroastrianism goes on to explain itself and its views as:
Human beings have freewill to do good or to do evil:
It is human duty and responsibility to fight on the side of Good so as to help achieve the ultimate destiny of the universe wherein Evil is vanquished by Goodness
What we do has direct results not just in our lives but for the entire cosmos
Thus the moral dictate: “Good thoughts, Good words, Good deeds” is also a cosmic responsibility
People are to work toward self-purification by participation in the Good. Purity = righteousness. Good wins out over evil because righteousness is on the side of the Good. It is humanity who can bring righteousness into the world. When we do good we are doing a lot more than just acting good. In being good we bring Goodness into the world.
Good people have the duty to uplift others toward the life of goodness, to encourage and help others to also work for the Good.
Man is unique among creatures as God’s agent on Earth. Man is mind, mind is from God. Improving ourselves, our minds, is of great importance. Zoroastrianism sees humanity with dignity. The power to improve – to grow – comes from within and from above (from God)
Man has the power to change himself and his world with the aid of God. Man is thus an agent in his own salvation.
But I raise this point in all of this as Buddhism has Karma has Zoroastrianism has its ideologies of good conquering evil what does Satanism have and how is it defined it a personal journey indeed I can say from the basis of the Origin of Satan I can simply state he was a deity without leaning and appeared as a female in several tales, a well revered person, not evil but a enlightened and magical deity.
Step back in the time machine at lets visit Celts:
Consider Celtic languages, where terms for ‘‘bad’ and ‘evil’ are the same as those for things being ‘‘false’, ‘unpleasant’, ‘harmful’, ‘‘painful’, and the like, which is semantically how ‘‘ill’ and ‘‘evil’ have functioned in Germanic languages – Latin-derived ones have similar semantic valences for terms referring to a moral ill-feeling as well as a physical one.
But there is more on evil in this tour deforce!
Let’s go outside of Ind o-European, using Basque as an example. Vocabulary relating to ‘evil’, ‘wrong’, and ‘ill’ are similar, having usually the root gai-: gaitz can be an adjective or noun, and mean anything from ‘‘difficult’ and ‘hard’ through to ‘evil’, ‘fault’, ‘‘disease’, ‘‘flaw’, and on and on.
But we have many psychologically refined definitions and rewrites we as humans cannot judge deities as they judge us freely.
So human experience and history have normally considered ‘bad’ and ‘evil’ that which is harmful and unhealthy, and undesirable.
It is the specific semantic manipulation by religious (and often civil) authorities which has emphasized such language in moral terms of opposition to their own tenets and creed.
Consider how historically enforcement of drug-laws, laws on public behavior and intoxication, and in relation to sexual acts were considered ‘morals offenses’, either because people were simply feeling good (and not toeing the line) and\or risking their physical health (and also not toeing the line).
Those engaged in painting people evil should really find themselves something far better than to do because if evil was as they say or think is would they not fear the repercussions?
Witch Hunters and those who like to attach name badges start fires and create discord in relationships be warned its not evil when one you do manipulative things to save a friend like lie, but when someone doesn’t conform to your view, they are branded evil and so the hunt begins or the destruction begins, its Socialism and perhaps you then can label yourself Karl’s or Marxist’s or something else like saviors or white lighters.
I can say this people who hand out labels are usually weak and find themselves involved in drama, this is sad because they probably are truly great people but because someone doesn’t eat the same foods or doesn’t conform the herd doesn’t make them evil, sometimes it makes them smart!
Hail Satanist’s


  1. Wow….I cant believe there has not been a response to this thought provoking insight of one person’s experience of a journey through reality. Grand Magister Blackwood Leader of Theistic Satanism has made empirical points about the observations he/she has gleaned through the eyes of one who has been exposed to the factors in his/her life that lead to these conclusions. This is not a bad thing.

    Well, I believe that we are all a product of our aggregated experiences. We are not all subjected to the same thoughts, teachings, observations & conclusions as anyone else. We all are individuals, unique unto our own plane.

    As I read this, I was pleased to find no ranting nor raving nor condemnation. I read the thoughts of one searching & reaching a hypothesis that was reached for that persons current place & time. That is refreshing.

    Allow me to begin with my own hypothesis. Hell is the position that one finds oneself in after one is separated from the grace of his/her God. I believe that it makes no difference who that God is.

    We all wish that our God/Gods shine favor upon us. When we are confronted with challenge, it is natural to feel that God/Gods has abandonded us & we seek a reason why & seek to appease the God/Gods of our choosing.

    The old saying that all prayers are answered is true. Most time the answer to our prayers is, “No. Seek this answer yourself”. With this answer, should I feel crest fallen? No. That answer tells me to continue, seek secular advise. That is God’s wisdom advising us to learn & improve ourselves. Our individual God/Gods are there to guide us in our spiritual endeavors, not our corporal selves.

    Now comes the tricky question of which is greater? Spiritual or corporal experience. I proffer this; both are intertwined & crucial. Usually there is no concrete answer. This is conducive to the delights of questioning one’s situation. Without question, we are blind to the big picture & ignorant of the consequences of our decisions & belifes. One of the greatest adventures in our lives is questioning what we have been told.

    A question I have always had about spirituality is: is it true that the suffering & torment of the soul, conducive to the reaping of souls being given to any God. This is how I see it. Any God worthy of existences is concerned with the amount of believers that God has.

    It is pure marketing. Would one rather give one’s soul to a God that will punish & torture their believers for all eternity, or would one willfully give their soul to a God that seeks only to lavish happiness & prosperity upon It’s worshippers? Henceforth, I deem that the God known as Satan has been the victim of corporate marketing. I also deem the Christian, Hebrew, Norse, Greek, Egyptian, Pagan & all other Gods people wish to worship are intertwined corporate targets of each other.

    As I said before, Hell is the existence of being without one’s God’s grace; whom ever that God shall be.

    So; Is it conducive to reward one’s worshippers with neverending condemnation, or to grant the worshipper wealth & happiness as long as the worshipper follows the mandates of the God? The decision lies with the worshipper.

    Our decisions have consequences. The journey of life may be a blessing or a curse. The decision is ours alone.

    The above are my personal observations relating to my personal plane of existence at this precise time & space.

    This is the first time & probably the last time I shall wonder this way. Thank you for allowing me to give my two cents on this topic.

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