The Stalker Reveal
Hudson Florida Alert

Recently a “alleged” stalker who has repeatedly been warned by his neighbors to stop stalking their 14 year old daughters, this same individual known Gino V (remainder held in confidentiality) attempted to murder his toddler (5 month old) daughter and abandoned his daughter without formula and then threatened his former girlfriend so much he was institutionalized by Florida for 14 days this is due in part of the fear from his former girlfriend who since has went into seclusion.

This is not a hate article it presented to those who interact with the Temples of Satan New Aeon founder Gino, and his gang of hackers, molesters and convicted which was formed to attack the original was founded by Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik and other parties.

Operating out of his mothers kitchen (he lives at home being 32) with his brother also being a known child stalker he with the help of Allison (Sin) Jones has been systematically attacking Theistic Satanists ranging from myself to Robert Fraize of the Church of Leviathan and Eric Fraize of the Universal Church of Satan all in efforts to cover up his sexual perversions.

But fully presented here in his own words is his post with commentary by myself.
I understand that Robert Fraize will also be commenting in the future on this “self damning” article.

Gino writes:

Some of you may be wondering why I used such a title, well you shall find out as of now ! I was out roaming around town today, running some errands and my last stop was Walmart.
COMMENT: We discovered his mother works at Walmart, so why would Gino go anywhere else!
He continues:
I entered the store as I usually do calm laid back, not expecting anything out of the norm. How could I people it is freak in Walmart !
COMMENT: What did he mean by a “freak” and his grasp on speaking goes “sideways.”
NOTE: Gino has been diagnosed with some form of mental illness at he according to his own admission takes the mood altering drug called Kolonopin (which is an Opiate).

I went threw the craft and paint section as usual, I found a styrofoam cutter and shaping set, it kicked ass ! but there are more important things for me to do this month. anyways I went threw the electronics section, when this woman wearing pink short cotton shorts and a white tank top passed me by.

As usual I looked thoughts enter my mind, and I continue to do my thing . Except this time would be different, I took it upon myself to play mind trickery, if I did indeed see her again in the store before I left. And too no surprise she ended up in the produce section not more then 6 minutes after me.

COMMENT: More and likely he was following her, as he followed the neighbors daughters who were 14 we can only wonder the age of the girl in shorts.

So the mind tricks began, I looked at her a couple times and walked away. I had the body gestures of I do not give a fuck, if you like me I am hot attitude ! it reeled her in for the next 10 minutes ,she was in almost every area I was in the store stalking me. What I mean by stalking is, she was no more then inches behind me. I could feel her presence, she might as well have asked me for a piggy back ride lol

COMMENT: Notice the his feel of superiority a trait often exhibited by child molesters and criminal stalkers.
Also notice he was thinking of giving a girl a “piggy back” ride, Gino is supposedly disabled and collecting Social Security but what man thinks of giving a girl a “piggy back ride?”
But notice MIND TRICKS perhaps he was trying to lure this girl for some abuse?

My brother was there and he looked at me a couple times, saying bro she is checking you out. I said I know and kept on walking before I left too go pick up a couple other things. a guy was even checking me out, he could not stop staring just like the woman. anyways I ended up paying for my groceries when two women I believe they were sisters, because they looked a lot alike starting checking me out. then the girl with the pink shorts was eying me, one last time before I left the store. and all this took was a couple looks and the body language, of I do not give a damn and some hot people were checking me out like I was Brad Pitt. and let me state I am no fucking Brad Pitt lol it seems I still have the touch even though, I am bald these days. it is nice to know people still hunger for me !

COMMENT: This coming from a man when I met him at 22 years old was a virgin who asked me to help “get him laid” well little did I know of his secret life.
And also it was his brother who also was almost assaulted by his neighbors for also fondling a teenage girl (his brother also lives at home and get S.S.I. For some unknown injury like Gino.
These accusations come from eyewitness accounts and personal admissions which we have been exposing over the last few months.
I would steer clear of any of these people.

Thanks presented as a public awareness article

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