Today we end the fight with one final note!
From the Desk of Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Founder Temples of Satan

I would like to apologize to the members of the Satanic Community or at least in the Theistic Community as we have carried this fight too far and too long.

I will now take the high road and move towards building other businesses we have escalated much of the behaviors which are nearly “child-like” from the enemies which permeate on the Internet hiding amongst the hundreds of screen names bashing the Church I founded in 2000 and which remains the leader of Theistic Satanism, and while I now share the mantel with others including the Church of Leviathan I move forward as I am assured they have to build a better environment I am no longer engaged in activities others than the promotion of my businesses and my Church I will no longer partake in useless banter and useless end fighting which has blemished the overall small community in which we interact, however we will not continue with the fighting as these individuals should just be ignored and so we shall ignore them and become the victors in this fight.

I have disgruntled Clergy people who have left and they chose to bash me and the Temples of Satan everywhere, but it cannot and will not change a thing, it will not change the religion which hangs in the balance, there is not need to continue the battle with people from the past, they are busy telling on themselves and should they remain attacking those in Leadership they will face the ultimate price someday in death, but we shall no longer make statements of these people and move past this I will suggest if you feel threatened in any way or feel these people are impeding your belief system to report them as they report us.

There are no victors here, only victims and this ends today as I take the “high road” and end the fight today relishing my ending of such, there activities have been carried too far too long and I apologize to those I may have hurt in the process steps are being taken to ensure the safety of those involved and I thank each and every supporter for helping, but it stops here and stops tonight.

I am done, my writings enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of interested Occultists shall not be marred by the results of a fight which should have ended sooner, I will never capitulate to defeat nor can anyone ever take my dedication, and while I am done I will now move forward to other projects which are far more important than those who bash me, I am seeking the ends to that as well.

Much has been said in both directions and while (they) may mutter on and carry on much of the information I have provided in the past is accurate facts and I shall not continue to provide them anywhere openly these individuals while harboring past discrepancies and criminal acts, it is not up to me what they do but only to protect those who are new or who are children.

The fight is over now and I move forward as the Leader you once liked not the one who fought a war that could never be won.
I as the enemies assumed one another would stop in the mean time people got crushed and trampled and while I am proud to have exposed many my work is done and I can rest peaceful to I ended this on a high note with a end by choice.

Thank You
Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik
Founder Temples of Satan

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