A Study for Afterlife….
Commentary by Grand Magister Blackwood Leader of Theistic Satanism and Founder of the First Church of Theistic Satanism.

This question has always been in question, finally I believe I can explain it for the Theistic Satanist based on years of research and interviews with Theistic Satanist’s who have survived death itself, it is no “fairy tale” or descent into a underworld as the Christians so fervently describe.

There is conclusive evidence that the human body is comprised of energy and this energy surrounds us, there is even evidence to dark energy as many astrophysicists proclaim a underlying theme, that all humans interact with such energies in a time and space dimension, thus spawning premonitions and even psychic thoughts a proverbial cause and effect but not to litter this commentary with conjecture we will press onward.

The very foundations of Theistic Satanism come from Sumerian and Mesopotamian liturgy and explain something which explains much in a very short commentary.
Now for the skeptics who do not believe in Ghosts or Apparitions please put this commentary down, suffering from ignorance is not an exhibit of a Theistic Satanist.
We must fight to free ourselves from the body and upon freedom we will roam the Underworld, where this comes into play is the Sumerians referred to Earth and the Underworld or below.
But those who offered gifts of faith to the deities of the Earth, Satan being one would not be forced to roam and would be acknowledged by the deity, those without faith and conviction would face ultimate darkness, now this can be explained as recently I interviewed a atheist who faced a near death experience and his words were.

“I am not sure why but I saw nothing but darkness and it was devoid of light, so I have no reason to think there is an afterlife.”
So was he really fooled did the Sumerian Deities which formed our very life and faith define the atheist’s death with darkness as they said they would, I guess its just a coincidence as it was described by Sumerian Lore.
Well lets just compare the thoughts to Mitch who had faith in Satan and suffered the same “near death” experience just a few months ago.

“When I lie in my comma, I could see the environment around me it remained lit and I could feel things but not move, I felt my mind reaching out into the light and became astral at one point.”
We see evidence of energy all around us, those who practice magic see it deeper and more defined than those who are “dabblers” and ignorant people would never see until it hit them in the face direct.
Mummies of Egypt have been scanned with what is called Kirlean Photography and it has been found they still produce a ray of energy, around them, perhaps being mummified trapped their energy or perhaps they had faith but in mythological deities.
I know and many magician will back me up here that when one calls a Demon or Satan himself he will come in the form of energy provided your conjuration or invocation works, this energy can provide messages, and insight along with empowerment to spell craft.

It was also know that lost souls to Sumeria would consume scraps of energy and reside in darkness furthering the belief that those without faith would go no where a theory I concur with.
When a Theistic Satanist dies he or she should always be buried with gifts to Satan, this can be almost anything including their perspective altar and or swords and personal effects, I have had the pleasure of doing one funeral, as I am sure to do more in the future, but I would offer up this anecdote for passing on, as I feel gifts come at death but during life, and as Satan could not always just walk around and hang with everyone, faith rules the day always.
We should honor the dead always as we will be expected to be honored ourselves, as a Theistic Satanist one should always seek general order in their own lives to move closer to the deity and garner close friendships so they can expect such preparation upon death itself, when Priests or Reverends are not around to do this family should out of respect always prepare such gifts, for the death of the Theistic Satanist.

Hail The Satanist!

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