Why I have decided to walk away from Theistic Satanism and where I am going.

Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Founder of Church of Theistic Satanism and Temples of Satan.


Lets be candid and concise, this will be one of my last public releases of information on this subject and thus will set the pace of where I plan to take the path of Theistic Satanism.

“But wait didn’t you say you are walking away?”

Let me explain, for over twenty years I have been working with people who have chosen the path of Satanism in some form of the other and have become a legend and enigma that has changed the “ebb and flow” of Theistic Satanism.


Critics and detractors have been attempting to maraud my castle for years in an unsuccessful attempt to sell you their “bill of goods” or to sleep with this person or that, instead of being quiet long enough to actually let me teach them some important information, not as prophet but as a wise magician.


While when I was younger I slept with many women while studying under me I abandoned the idea, since this did nothing to benefit the deity, only my sexuality, so I understand the allure of Satanism and all of things that go on from gathering to smoke marijuana to wild sex parties all in the name of Satan.


While all of these things, actions, and memories fill my days and weeks traveling on the road in my own business I am also growing tired I am mentally tired of constant distractions and people who are perpetrating lies and deceit and besmirching the name of Satan, all in an attempt to capture the flag I now have laid to rest, in the hands of some new people who actually grasp the concept of Satan and do not speak in Abrahamic terminology about his form and origin.


I may return someday, but for now my life is fulfilled I have never been stronger and faith and my relationship with Satan, but there is more, much more that needs to be accomplished “not for me but for the deity” and even more that is required to finally make this religion a better environment to grow your faith something I do not feel any one man or woman can control or understand since it is personal and your choice.


However it is very important that one who chooses Theistic Satanism select a proper way to go about learning “I said learning the path, yes!”

Learning the path is not some “old wise man” proclaiming “this or that” and how he knows more than you it is the truth and cannot be a topic of debate or rhetoric.


But where do you begin, certainly not by studying demonology, or witchcraft and while there is nothing wrong with witchcraft it is something that a Theistic Satanist should not waste their time or reading on.

Your magic is from within and is enhanced by your faith in the deity.


Faith is something that requires learning but most of all an ability for you to shed all the misconceptions and throw away all the New Age falsehood abandoning them, and even a friends along the way and sincerely without question dedicate yourself to Satan as a deity.


But how does someone dedicate themselves, it certainly is not in burning a candle or selling ones soul to the devil that comes from someone who told you about it on Face Book.

There have been many people who have attempted to describe this process now I will explain it for you to be able to explain it to others.


Almost three thousand years ago men and women of faith would dedicate themselves in a brief ritual that included nothing more than a pottery cup filled with a mead (a form of beer) they would seek a Priest or Priestess and gather kneeling down in prayer they lifted their hands and began to pray to the deity and when they finished they consumed the mead and then went home attending the temple every morning before they worked the fields or fed the horses or sat at the pottery wheel.


Each night they would sleep at Sunset until it was around the middle of night then they would ignite a flame, if they were wealthy they would ignite candles made from beeswax (in wealthy homes) or tallow in poor enclaves then they would talk to one another, or even have sex returning to bed and sleeping until sunrise.


They often would pray as they ate morning foods like homemade bread or a form of jerky or berries and then they would head to the temple to pay homage to the deity and then off to work.

On the day they sold their crops or got paid they would attend the temple and offer some gold, bronze, silver or even clay coins to the deity never asking where it was going or how it was spent.


This is dedication and how it should work, but this is also why today Satanists seldom can construct anything but a dog house, and I am not mad because I have unarguably have raised more than any other Satanist living today and still fell short of the lowest cost construction plans.


Meanwhile I watch people build vast temples to gods that they can’t even begin to trace in a historical account or meaning, milling around like Christians listening to anyone and everything but the right thing.

Dedication is something you must do alone or with a loved one, and is personal never to be shared with anyone other than a Priest or Priestess that is of your faith like the ancestors did it.

But such is required to truly begin your path with Satan.


In today’s world this dedication can be modified because we are in a world where people want things now verses later and seldom have time for any other activity but just trying to survive in the horrible economy.

In today world perhaps attendance is not required daily, but perhaps it can be replaced with a regiment of prayer and occasional ritual during the course of the year.

I am moving towards have a small meeting away from everyone once a year at a luxury resort and in privacy since everything seems to be criticized in today’s politically correct world.


The world is changing and people are leaving religions which is so sad because only a few people really will understand just who Satan is and what important things must be done on Earth for historical preservation.

Satan is no fallen angel and is a deity one must simply quit with the “bullshit” and find reality.

Joy of Satan has no clue even thought they speak of Sumerian Lore, which they have convoluted for their own means, underlying tones of promotion to National Socialism, which in no way is the Freedom that the ancestors dreamed about.


Enki, Set, Pan, are absolutely not the origin of Satan but I as much as I have studied and that spans over twenty plus years I cannot reveal his true name, since it is older than Judaism, Islam and Christianity and circumvents in time a past that in nearly incomprehensible.

I chose this silence until an actual Church comes about dedicated to the Real Satan.


Satan is not Azazel or Beelzebub, or Lucifer and while his real name is complicated, I can say he was born from the Creator and rules Earth without fear of any Goddess or God that are made up in Man and Woman’s quest for Polytheism.

Polytheism is rampant but in Theistic Satanism it should never be as the name indicates otherwise.

One who accepts this path should clearly remain on a singular path avoiding the New Age convoluted theories which resemble a “Socialist Push” with some concept that everything needs to be calm and get along, that is so far from the truth.


Three thousand years ago in the desert of Iraq priests and priestesses were very devoted to the Creator who was a Moon God, nothing more nothing less, then with the introduction of several visions and tablets man and woman and priestesses and priest changed they found themselves questioning the Moon God as many of the vision explained of a dragon from the Royal Court would ascend upon man and woman as the Ruler of Earth, but it was not a simple task for this Dragon it was a literal fight to dominate this planet from what, we do not know.


Some would summarize aliens, some would explain it as other deities, but by virtue Satan who in his original form came as a Dragon “like” human would conquer the hearts and minds of the priestesses and priests who acknowledged only “One God.”

They were not forgiving of others who traveled to their city states introducing other deities, since they struggled with Monotheism they did not take to well to these strangers they actually killed them in public squares.


While this practice is impractical today, we can take our ancestors to heart and ensure this behavior today by being true to Satan, and avoid all the other convoluted versions and demonic misnames of Satan.


If you take the sword in your hand for Satan that is the choice you make, believing in “false gods” so spoke our ancestors is not a very strong way to Dedicate and Celebrate the two actions that our Priests and Priestesses who understood the deity far better than us pushed forward as edicts were, not the ideas of demons and devils that did nothing more than overshadow his image, but was to ground yourself in one image of him.


While even Satan as a name can be argued it is one of a thousand acceptable names, since he understood that much of his roots would be convoluted, but calling him a demon is a formula for disaster, reading history one will find provided your minds eye is open his origin and I have fought and engaged in discussions and arguments over the years, I did not find this information right away it took over nine years, some in books other in just listening.


But beware since most of today’s authors are out to sell books and its easy to create a web site or Church of “This or That” and they seem to miss the boat, they miss the one thing this tiny island of Theistic Satanists desire a “Safe Haven.”


But there are many others who dabble, who are “half in half out” that has never been me, I do not hold back I say proudly I have faith in Satan and making excuses for your faith means you are not that enamored with it.


Not being connected you are powerless and I as a Priest dedicated correctly to Satan am immune to your delusions or psychotic ideas of Satan and your spell work, so please do not waste your time and breath on this Priest of Satan for I sleep well with my own dreams and should I need to return I shall have sword at side for the glory of Satan


Hail Satan

Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik

3 thoughts on “THE END OF THE STORY……

  1. Thank you for your words. I found much encouragement for what you wrote. I have been discouraged of late with so much reading and studying with so few results to show for the efforts. Your simple reminder that magic is within and dependent upon my faith in Satan, was what I needed to hear today.

    So, with that in mind, I am determined to reconnect with my Dark Lord more simply and faithfully. Hail Satan, indeed!

    Mortus Hass

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