More Titles for David De Paul of The Brotherhood of Satan


Titles and more titles!

From the desk of Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik


With the advent of Social Media we as a Occult Community have seen an increase in false titles and false monikers everything from High Priestess to Master Councilor to Grand Dragon have been handed out in an attempt to capture your attention.

But what has captured my attention?

I have been legally ordained for almost fifteen years and can ordain others in Theistic Satanism with credentials and backing, however there are numerous others who instead of seeking and acquiring actual legal credentials just “self appoint” themselves and add titles and monikers onto their names all in a attempt to capture the Occult Communities attention.

  1. In some states it is criminal to portray a minister or act as a minister, there are many in the Occult Community that are unaware of these laws, because they think of themselves as “above such laws.”

  2. Some states forbid convicted criminals from acquiring ordainment and even being a minister.

  3. Marriage and Death Certificates signed by NON ordained “SELF APPOINTED” title holders are in some states in violation of laws.

There are other problems like in the case of David DePaul of the Brotherhood of Satan who has on many occasion claimed lineages and titles to organizations like Freemasonry yet NO VERIFED membership has ever been produced to prove such memberships, yet there are those in the Occult Communities that take people like David DePaul for their word without investigating his background.

David De Paul has also claimed O.T.O., Golden Dawn, and even Theistic Satanism but all credible individuals in those named organizations have no record of his application or membership in such.


This individual has gone as far as even claiming Templar and Illuminati affiliations yet, he lives in a small shack in Georgia, go figure!

This individual also according to public records has drug and alcohol charges, I guess membership in elitist organizations has never taught him anything, even as far a the correct title going by a title called Master Councilor which in Freemasonry is the equivalent to a Youth Director as in the case of De Molay which is an actual legitimate sub-group of Freemasonry, yet David De Paul uses the name past it prime and in his late fifties, once can only guess why “self appointed” title is still being used or why people are actually taking this criminal seriously.


Earlier this year I uncovered with the help of many Dastur Adam Daniels of the Church of Ahriman who “self proclaimed” himself a Dastur which is the equivalent to a Priest in Zoroastrianism, but when those of us who wanted to know dug deeper we found several things including the requirements again for a Dastur is years of study and no criminal background both Adam B Daniels failed to produce.


We also like David De Paul uncovered criminal charges, but for Adam it was not Drug or Alcohol it was something more dangerous a rape conviction!


Then we also come to the Church of Malphas (which is NOT A LEGAL CHURCH) which has seemed to open its doors to several offenders and even Barbara Sobel (who is convinced she is married to Malphas which is a fictional demon from the Geotia) and careful research reveals her dark secrets that include identity falsification and identity theft along with this she has been harboring all the “misfits” who have criminal records bolstering her falling numbers.


But I am not without fault I personally have REMOVED several members of my clergy and even membership that I discovered had drug and sexual conduct charges, I have done my best to research peoples backgrounds but unfortunately I even when I had my legal Church open was plagued by such.

I can honestly say this I am legally ordained, my Church meets all the I.R.S. Requirements yet I am holding the doors closed as I reconstruct what I once recreated in the years ahead, but much, much smaller.


But I will offer this up as guide for all those interested.

  1. Check the Church, Temple or Covens credentials.

  2. Check the Leader or Councils credentials before joining.

Read the internet “chatter” about the Church of Temple first but realize negatives are sometimes positives, look for articles PRODUCED BY the leaders or councils and READ THEM if they fit your ideologies.

Ask previous membership why they left and ask for three membership names you can call and find out the reality from.

Then after you have check out the Church, Coven, Council or Group then proceed and join but BEFORE you pay ask to look around FOR FREE that will give you time for all your checks and references to come back and give you a general idea of what people are going to be like.


We as Occultists must as well silence the voices of the frauds and phonies, they often will point their fingers at me, yet I am legal, my former church is legal and all my clergy can wed and perform funeral services with the knowledge I have always supported them.


I can say there are many “made up” stories about me I suggest one do a background check on me, you will find some minor scrapes with the law a tax lien and a few other things all of course unrelated to my qualities of leadership and none are within guidelines of being a minister, or reverend but I know a few others who are impersonating that role.


Finally ASK THE CLAIMANT to produce credentials from such Churches and Temples they claim prior involvement in you are entitled to ask and they should not block you however it is not proper to ask from marriage certificates or membership names and phone numbers until you have applied for membership, however I often have suggested you get three references.


While this appears as an attack on the Brotherhood of Satan and David De Paul all information contained in this post has been verified and is accurate.

Recall David De Paul of the Brotherhood of Satan claims to be involved in the Illuminati, Gnostic s, Templar’s, Freemasonry, Zoroastrianism, Theistic Satanism, Modern Satanism whats next the Star Trekkie’s, wait its coming!


Thank You


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