Reaching for Satan Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik


To reach for Satan

A Commentary on Theistic Satanism

Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Leader of Theistic Satanism


Daily I receive emails from people with the desire to reach out to Satan, but why all of a sudden are there so many?

Perhaps it is the economic downturn leaving many vampires, goths or the like without the abilities to hold meetings or role play.

Being a Theistic Satanist is much more than “role play” actually its a reality where on believes in Satan and the prime.

A Theistic Satanist should not question anything in the realm of the deity, his intentions, his desires, his direction, his plans all unfold at the rate the deity desires, not the devotee.

Practice of faith is not blind, nor does it require one to perfect or operate in any given way or direction, it does however require faith.

Faith cannot be measured, seen, or even conceptualized by those who do not posses it.

People ask me often why does Satan not answer them, well in truth he probably did perhaps you did not place enough faith forward to manifest his desire or your desire.

I even as the Founder of the First Theistic Satanic Church and devotee to Satan for over twenty five years and thousands of hours of prayer and ritual fail often because of many factors that can cloud my connection to him in faith.

Stress, relationship problems, family problems, and even environmental or economic conditions are all factors that can disrupt any or all connections.

But in my opinion the biggest factor is the devotees desire for Satan to perform for them they perhaps have watched to far too many Hollywood B Movies and expect much more than Satan is willing to unveil.

Truth is Satan is not your counselor, nor is he yours to command to reign revenge over anyone, all of those actions are outside of faith.

He does however heal, he does provide answers and many other things but individually and more often than not centered around life and generality often times we miss.

Best methods and even the best magicians fail because of the failure to connect, this is due in part to peoples overall distraction level.

Distractions come in many forms along the path, often people who study Satan are more intent on getting laid, winning a million dollars or even killing their enemies to realize that being devoted to Satan has benefits more to him than you, but that is no reason to give up or lessen your faith in him.

Remember always we are here for him and because of him and his goals have never been revealed and we as Theistic Satanists must someday solidify our religion making it more rigid and more serious.

Collaborating with the enemies of Satan is no answer we are not Pagans, and actually the definition of Pagan is:


One of a people or community observing a polytheistic, as the ancient Romans and Greeks. Synonyms: polytheist.

Theistic Satanist’s are not Poly, we typically are MONOTHEISTIC.

A person who is not a Christian, Jew, or Muslim.

Synonyms: heathen, gentile; idolater; nonbeliever.

Theistic Satanists recognize our system of magic was defined by Judaism, and our religion is in opposition to Christian Corruption an irreligious or hedonistic person.

A Pagan can be a person deemed savage or uncivilized and morally deficient.

Who judged this, well I can tell you a Theistic Satanist while we can be brutal, we can also be loving as we understand our deity can be either good or evil at his own will, with corruption and design by Pagan influences, such as Modernization or Pagan Corruption.

Pagans with a modern influence have become far to polytheistic, to be a benefit to the Theistic Satanist and really while once I said I think we are Pagans as well, I have now recoiled and recanted my idea of being similar, while we share the concept religious examples, we do not share the current and stream of ideologies that actually are marring our image of Satan, many people compare and re-compare just who Satan is without malice and that actually is an activity that moves the devotee away further from the deity.


It is time we move away from Paganism and corruption along with moving away from Modern Satanism, La Vey worshiped himself and commercialized Satanism, nothing more nothing less.

The Theistic Satanist also should move away from Wicca, while Gardner understood conceptualized Satan his ideologies also corrupted theologies and ideologies which also make Wicca a bad place to congregate.


Realization that Satan is the owner of Earth, you should as a Theistic Satanist realize as I do we are top of the food chain, we have no predators, we are sharks and the blood we smell are the failures of other world religions.


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