Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Speaks on Theistic Satanism


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Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik


Well I understand not everyone in the entire universe has heard of me, and this of course leads to discourse and disrespect added onto the Face Book Drama machine and of course the hundred Catfish “like” profiles which people claim many things including being thin and gorgeous while being fat and ugly with ten kids.

I also see a huge wave of false prophets and false profiles trying to speak like authorities so I realize the confusion that has propagated the internet.

  1. Writing a book on the Occult and “self publishing” it on Lulu proves nothing to me or the people I form bonds and meet with regarding Satanism.

  2. Claiming lineages or membership in groups or societies that are not real, is easily proven and don’t cry when we as Satanists expose you for not really being a member, or a Priest or Priestess or Magister, many of us are connected and can check your claim as quick as you start saying you are a Freemason (for example) and you are not, we exposed people like this everyday.

  3. Satan already has a complete origin tale, and no Bibles are needed, no creation stories we already know where he came from, his goals and his rules of the road and it was written four thousand years ago and has zero ties to Christianity, Islam, it is not from India, or Turkey or Egypt its much older.

  4. The creation stories have nothing to do with Lucifer, Demons or the like it connects the dots to the Satan as described by Judea and Hebrew Philosophers because you did not find this information out we as Theistic Satanists are not at fault.

  5. Teaching is not “cut and paste” teachers design curriculum they do not provide prophecy they actually know the stories of creation and speak solidly about such.

  6. Faith and Magic fit “hand in hand” asking Satan for selfish possessions or a better life will lead you nowhere, he does not serve us, we have faith in him and he provides visions not magical beans or lottery tickets that win.

  7. Satan and much of Judaism fit together this fact is not from me but scholars that study sources and records of Priests and Priestess from as far back as five thousand years before Christianity.

  8. Realize it is great to create documents to Satan but please do your research because even with over thirty years of study I have only seventy percent of the entire story or truth behind Satan.

  9. Lucifer does not trace back to ancient civilizations, Luciferian Orders did not exist until a Catholic created one but it was Luciferian because of his last name Lucifer. Realize for thousands of years it was blasphemy to say the word Satan and many times literature would accept and use Lucifer when in reality they were speaking of Satan, remember Satan or Sa comes from Hebrew Scholars and it was not to popular to be Jewish during the “Rise of Christianity” Lucifer is not in the Judaic texts that trace the origins of Satan.

  10. Satan was not conceptualized the same by all “sects” of Judaism there were many types of Satan and many personalities of Satan at the time, there were many different sects and many different observances to him or his personalities or his role, this remains confusing and actually requires years to understand completely alone.


I am not a dictator, I am historically well informed I believe people have freedom to practice, but as a ordained (legally) and founder of the first church ever in Theistic Satanism I of course would take up point against those who mislead, it is not always your fault but I will tell you this study, I am willing to help even as time allows, I learn everyday but I know where to study and if you let me “one on one” as time allows I will show you where my information comes from and its not prophecy.



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